Please tell me you can #relate to this!

Lately, I have been on the struggle bus when it comes to my exercise #mindset since starting my IVF journey. (#pregnancyafter40) Is that even possible? #honolulupersonaltrainer

Yet, I continue to push forward because of these 3 reasons and I share them in hopes of inspiring you to keep on keeping on when things seem BLAH.

  1. Be SOLID in your WHY. Why do you do what you do each day? What are you doing each day to move the needle toward your goal? Why is your goal even a goal at all? Is it because you want to keep up with your kids? Is it because you want to get pregnant? Is it because you want to feel good in your body, not be out of breath when hiking with friends or to fit into your clothes better?

Remind yourself of YOUR WHY when you want to quit. 

  1. Start with the SMALLEST thing.We have these HUGE goals that we are always working toward which can be downright overwhelming when we don’t feel like making the trek at all. Start with the most simple and easiest thing you can do to inch closer up that mountain. Don’t fixate on eating perfectly every day, instead aim to eat to 80% fullness every day. When the chips are down, it’s so much easier to check one small thing off the list instead of getting anxious and throwing in the towel completely. 

A thousand little pushes of that boulder up the hill will create such an unstoppable momentum of positive action.

  1. ENVISION the Life you WANT to live. How do you want to feel, look, be, live? Visualize yourself in these ways, feeling the feelings you want to have, doing the things you want to do, as the healthiest, most confident version of yourself. 

Create a personal vision board of YOURSELF and reflect on this visual when your motivation or mood falls flat. 

Take it from me since I’ve been in the ZERO motivation tank for the last 4 months – don’t give up and instead use these 3 strategies because remember, 10% is ALWAYS better than nothing. 

How’s your motivation been since the pandemic? Do you feel like it is on an upswing since things are balancing out a bit?

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