#aloha, i’m Lee-Ann, your #honolulupersonal trainer

Aloha, my name is Lee-Ann Watanabe. I am a Media Planner turned Personal Trainer after a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis showed me that my life was too short to be stuck at a job I didn’t truly love. 

One other thing that I’ve never loved much though – my body. Initially, my passion for fitness was born out of sheer determination to be skinny. I’ve always struggled with my weight, always feeling like I never really fit in, always the slightly bigger girl in school, at work, in triathlon. Grandma’s occasional comment didn’t help. Mom’s comments throughout my pre teen years only led to more body hate. 

I remember staring at the mirror in 3rd grade thinking “If I could just cut off these fat rolls, I would be skinny!”  

I would pray to God and wish upon a star to wake skinny and then I would be so happy!

TBH my career in Fitness was bred purely my weight management system. And then long story not as long, life, experience, age, wisdom, trauma, all that teaches you valuable lessons. 

When I realized on December 7, 2015, that I would need life-saving colon removal surgery, my purpose shifted. Health was no longer a size, but rather, a state of being. My body was preparing for battle, not in a war against the scale, but a war to live life to the fullest. 

This rebirth allowed me to:

-stop excessive exercise (2-3 hours per day, 7 days per week)

-stop food restriction (1,300 calorie diet with all that exercise)

-stop focusing on what my body didn’t look like

start enjoying exercise that feels best for me (1 hour day max)

-start enjoying all food without shame & guilt (this is always a work in progress)

-start celebrating all of the things my body can and continues to do for me

And now it’s my life’s work to help women who may feel the same disdain and loathing of their bodies as I did. I help women clear their path so they can see just how truly amazing their bodies are despite all of the noise going on in their heads.

And I do this by showing up every day, and walking the messy, uncomfortable and scary path with my ladies to provide the support, the nurturing guidance, the tools and the strategies so that they can love the skin they are in. 

We discuss short and long term goals not solely focused on body change. 

We celebrate daily wins big or small.

We navigate hunger, energy and cravings.

We use strength training as an empowerment tool.

We keep cardio to a minimum.

If you want to change the way you feel and dramatically shift your health, hack your habits, lose the weight, build your strength, clean up your food stuff, balance your body, and heal inside and out, there is only ONE STEP you have to take, and that’s asking for help.

How can I help you right now? Comment below and let me know! 


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