#bodytransformation with Amor Woolsey

Today I had the great pleasure of having client Amor Woolsey on my iglive to discuss her weight loss journey after being over 300lbs; what she’s learned after her natural weight loss and her experience with #Moderation365 nutrition coaching with me! As a workout trainer on Oahu in Hawaii, doing both virtual (online training services) as well as in person sessions, I’ve seen many women get tied up in solely focusing on the BIG END ALL BE ALL goal. Amor here, she had a Huge goal – lose over 100lbs – and she did it in one year! But real talk – it took WORK, dedication, doing the thing every day even when she didn’t want to and so she gives us her real life perspective on this journey. I LOVE this lady!

Here’s Amor’s bio:
“I was once over 300 lbs, and couldn’t run if my life depended on it. I was teased and ridiculed for my weight most of my life, I was 180lbs in 3rd grade. With God’s grace, supportive folks I lost the weight. Then, after few marathons, triathlons, and defining life moments, I was called to put on the uniform to serve the men, women and family members of the armed forces as a chaplain.”

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