just eat it.

Intuitive eating, Moderate eating, Mindful eating, eating with Awareness…so many adjectives that would confuse even a genius! Here I keep it simple sweetheart. 

Let’s figure out a way to eat so you learn to trust your own hunger cues, you are sensitive to your energy highs and lows and you honor your cravings versus denying them. 

No matter what ya call it, a “mindful” “moderate”  eating approach helps people heal from the side effects of chronic dieting (myself included)! 

Eating this way, will allow you to make food decisions without experiencing guilt or shame. It will allow you to begin listening to your body’s cues while feeling satisfied. It’s about #foodfreedom

Here are a few anchor actions to get you started: 

1. Practice eating to 80% fullness- the Mindfulness on what it feels to be “satisfied” and not “stuffed”

2. Honoring your feelings without using food (not using eating to make your  feelings go away…stuffing yourself with food to shove down your feelings – yep-that’s a REAL thing!

3. Respecting your body – if your energy is low, you’ll eat or take a rest day. If you have a craving, you have some of that craving… 

4. Honoring your hunger – eat when you are hungry. Point. Blank. Period. 

5. Making peace with food – no good food or bad food. Food is food is food. 

This is just the beginning of touching on this topic of #moderation365 eating. I hope you enjoy this video!

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