5 minute metcon – CHIPPER workout

My #SwitchingGears 30-day consistency challenge group is killing it. We are at the start of week 2, and this is their week’s #metcon, a 5 minute per round chipper workout. No equipment needed. Any level. Any where.

Exercises: push ups, supermans and mountain climbers

Reps: 20 reps* of each, then 15 reps* of each, then 10 reps* of each then 5 reps* of each. *reps are always per leg, so if it says 20 that means 20 per leg or 40 reps total, so on so forth!

20-15-10-5 equals ONE ROUND. Complete 1-5 rounds based on how you feel, and the time you have!

my 5 minute CHIPPER workout!

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