habits make or break u

Habits good or bad don’t happen over night.

Habits are learned, in your family, as a child.

Habits are created out of all emotions – happiness, joy, sadness, anger, fear, frustration… Habits can make or break you. But no matter what your habit, it took some time to create that habit.

Habits are behaviors which are performed automatically because they have been performed frequently in the past. The repetition creates a mental association between the situation (cue) and action (behavior) which means that when the cue is encountered the behavior is performed automatically.

HABITS are the backbone of my training philosophy. Using my 3M Method (Mind-Move-Moderation) we implement daily anchor actions to create a solid, sturdy, lasting foundation of healthy habits. 

Over the next 30 days, I’ll be posting the actual proof of  how my 3M Method ensures success. During my 30 day #SwitchingGears challenge, my group of ladies are building positive habits that will stick.


Because I coach using positive reinforcement. I hold firm in my belief that negative consequences for “failing to adhere to a plan” may work initially; but eventually, it will stop working altogether. 

Negative may get you started, but, positive keeps you going. 

Ya feel me? Watch my posts to see how positive reinforcement results in participants engaging at their will and the best parts- WANTING to do it for themselves. NOT because I told them too. ❤️

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