how did I get here?

Do you remember your first diet? I do. I remember I was in 3rd grade at a school pizza party and a boy told me I didn’t need to eat any pizza because I was so fat.

Now with social media in today’s culture, dieting and the “perfect” body is all around us. Can we really blame ourselves if we are bombarded with messages that photoshopped bodies are the norm?

Diets always work when you first start them. You give it a good go for 30 days; for 12 weeks; for 1 year. BUT BUT BUT…

If we don’t unlearn all of the unhealthy ways of wanting to lose weight, we will never find a sustainable way of living and EATING forever. We will always be on the hamster wheel of lose weight, gain weight, lose weight. We are WAY TOO OBSESSED with Eating because the DIET INDUSTRY has taught us that we CAN’T TRUST OURSELVES to eat moderately and that we MUST FOLLOW a diet plan because we aren’t smart enough to listen to our own body’s signals. We are BRAIN WASHED to feel that in order to achieve body goals, it must be HARD; it must be BRUTAL; it should be lots of SACRIFICE and if it’s too easy, it’s not going to work, point.blank.period.

You know what though? YOU CAN TRUST YOURSELF. As your COACH, I am here to SUPPORT you through it in a SAFE SPACE as we don’t judge your eating, but rather, use your eating as a puzzle to solve as we practice to ENJOY food NOT JUDGE food.

If you want a better, less stressful relationship with food AND to minimize the amount of time and mental energy you spend thinking and obsessing about food, get on my wait list for my Moderation 365 Nutrition Course. This is a food relationship course where you will start liberating yourselves from the neuroses that chronic dieting instills in us before we’re old enough to know it.

The course seeks to help us unlearn the rules and strict dos/don’ts we’ve adopted over years of dieting. It seeks to help us get back in touch with our biofeedback signals like hunger, cravings, fullness and satisfaction—the things that chronic dieting takes from us.

#Moderation365 is about learning to eat the same on Saturday that you do on Monday.

Get on the wait list today by shooting me an email. This course will be limited to a very small amount of people as we dig deep, get real and do the work!

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