former food pusher here, now in recovery

Food Pusher or Pressure Feeder is someone who pushes or pressures you to eat something after you’ve already said no. Typically, they have their own agenda in wanting you to eat the food they are offering. Perhaps they want to be the best hostess or they feel they’ve gone to all this work and want you to enjoy.

And I admit, I’m guilty of it too. As a life time, hard core dieter in recovery, I would pressure those that I was with to share in foods that I had always restricted. It was Genki sushi dates and dessert with my sister Chera. It was fast food bites and binges off my husband Lekeli. It was a “who wants to share dessert with me” while out with a group of friends because I selfishly wanted THAT dessert.

It is true that all DIETS fail, eventually. THAT psychology always wins over white knuckle food restriction tactics. Lose 20lbs in 12 weeks. Check. Gain 30 pounds back within the 12 weeks after losing those 20 pounds in the first 12 weeks. Check. Check. Check.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve been really working on changing my mindset around food and have been trying hard to ditch the diets. It’s a daily effort, I must say. It’s still hard work. Can you fathom that? It’s still hard work to not diet as it is to be on a diet.

So why bother? Why continue this path you might wonder?

Well, I know one thing rings true for me – that I can no longer live in my obsessive 24/7/365 cycle of food obsession. Maybe it’s age. My inner critic will whisper to me…“it’s not age, it’s LAZINESS. And being UNDISCIPLINED and UN hard core (is that even a word, LOL). She will catch me, in a glimpse of a mirror, a shadow in a retail glass window, all times through out the day, with this one long, lingering thought…“You aren’t on a diet? Who the F do you think you are? Some, lean, fit, amazing looking woman who doesn’t need to be on diet? Yeah right! You are NOT THAT person. How dare you think that you, of all people, don’t need to be a diet.”

And as quick as that inner critic rears her ugly head, I am just as quick to acknowledge her prowess and dismiss her presence with the confidence in knowing that this my way; my new path toward self acceptance, self confidence and self worth, all independent of and irrelevant of my weight and my body size.

Maybe you don’t have that support network to cheer you on. But, I am here in your corner! My only goal for you is to have a good relationship with food so that you are no longer controlled by food, but rather, you control your relationship with food and that you can trust yourself in any food situation. 

If you want a better, less stressful relationship with food AND to minimize the amount of time and mental energy you spend thinking and obsessing about food, get on my wait list for my Moderation 365 Nutrition Course. This is a food relationship course where you will start liberating yourselves from the neuroses that chronic dieting instills in us before we’re old enough to know it.

The course seeks to help us unlearn the rules and strict dos/don’ts we’ve adopted over years of dieting. It seeks to help us get back in touch with our biofeedback signals like hunger, cravings, fullness and satisfaction—the things that chronic dieting takes from us.

#Moderation365 is about learning to eat the same on Saturday that you do on Monday.

Get on the wait list today by shooting me an email. This course will be limited to a very small amount of people as we dig deep, get real and do the work!

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