your vibe attracts your tribe

Over the years, my fitness business started shifting toward more mindset, less fat loss.

Other coaches will tell you 10 pounds in 10 days is doable.

Other trainers will say if you want it bad enough & work hard enough, you’ll be worthy.

It’s not in my integrity, for what I teach-no drastic or extreme cardio programming, no extreme and rigid eating which equals no drastic ups and downs in weight.

I no longer focus on fat loss as a measure of progress or cater to clients desires to be shredded. 

I am working to help women feel less shameful and less anxious about what they eat. I help women learn to enjoy how they exercise and actually like how they fuel their bodies. Period.

Authenticity is the new ideal. We all need diet relief. We aren’t perfect. We aren’t robots. No one is. And pretending we are is doing everyone a disservice.

Show up as you are and give yourself compassion and grace THROUGH. IT. ALL ❤️

The 2nd pic showcases some of the fantastic women in my tribe. 

Have you found your tribe yet?

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