it’s never the right time

This past weekend, I was excited to attend the Brookbush Institute Human Movement Science Corrective Exercise Lab; 16 hours of education built around assessment, mobility and integration of common dysfunction patterns we see in most clients across the board.

2020 has been filled with much of this – taking risks with exciting and yes, scary business ventures. Before this time, I made personal and professional decisions based out of a SCARCITY mindset; but after a big shift when the Universe literally slapped me in the face, forcing me to change, I can truly say that I now act from and make decisions out of an ABUNDANCE mindset. So fucking THANK YOU Universe and THANK YOU to all the trolls that I faced in 2019, as those energy vampires forced me to pivot. AND it’s literally been a transformation for me ever since!

During the Corrective Exercise Lab, I was 1 out of 4 Personal Trainers in a room of about 20 and the rest of the crew were Physical Therapists. It was invigorating to be surrounded by such smart people; people who knew their shit. But, it was also very scary and very INTIMIDATING to be surrounded by such smart people, people who knew their shit. I fell back into my scarcity mindset. I began to doubt myself. My inner critic, the IMPOSTER, started to rear her ugly head.

During moments in the lab, I became anxious and nervous. I tried to make myself smaller and cower away from being called upon or tasked with a question or problem to solve. Then we had a break for lunch, where I was in mixed company of trainers and therapists and as we are all discussing our thoughts and our own feelings with our covered material (everyone, trainers and therapists alike had self doubt), I said out loud what I felt; like I was not smart enough; not educated enough; like an imposter in a crowd of freaking amazing people.

Well, after lunch, one of the attendees pulled me aside and he said, “Hey, you know what you said back there? You need to stop that. I see how you coach. I see how you problem solve and the material and education and knowledge you have in your tool box and you need to stop that negative talk. You are young and you are smart and you are an excellent trainer. “

WOW! I had no idea that anyone really heard what I said. I mean, to that extent – where not only did someone hear what I said out loud, but he took it in and it made such an impact that he made it a point to tell me otherwise.

Then I thought about if I was my own client. What would I tell this client if this client came to me as I had come to the group?

Would I tell this client her feelings were valid?

Would I tell her she was right to think that?

Would I agree with her and say yeah, that’s totally on point?

FUCK NO! If I were my client, I would obviously realize that this negative self talk is an inflated inner critic that stems from a childhood of never feeling good enough. And despite decades long of working at this very thing, it’s always a little part of me that is always waiting for the right time to come out and fuck with me.

I am so grateful for a peer to realize my potential and to venture out enough to tell me so, so thank you Jeff!

And I’m fired up. The Brookbush Institute announced that they are looking to release a Masters Degree in Human Movement Science as early as next year and it clicked. I. MUST. DO. THIS.

And when I made that decision, I was not scared. I was not nervous. I was not afraid. I am excited. I am ready. I am looking forward to the challenge.


So, BB, I ask, what’s been stopping you?

Is it money? Is it time? Is it energy? Is it work? Is it school? Is it kids? Is it your spouse?

Everyone else says you’ll know when it is time and you’ll take the plunge when you are ready.

I say, it’s never the right time and you’ll never be ready. You just get tired of being sick and tired and then do you the dam thing!

I am here as your friend, confidant, support system, and partner in navigating whatever it is your are struggling with. Sure, you can muscle it all on your own, but where has that gotten you?

How many diet graveyards have you visited only to crash and burn?

How many times have you fallen on and off the wagon?

Or stopped and started the same diet?

Or lost and gained the same 10+ pounds?

As @JillFit says, “Life is too short to be watching someone else’s reality TV show on social media. How are you gonna get excited about your own shit??”


Learning all the things at the Brookbush Institute – Human Movement Science
Corrective Exercise Lab
Feb 8-9 2020

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