mornings are hectic.

Mornings are hectic. I get it. Over 20 years of working with busy ladies with all sorts of demands (work, chores, kiddos, self-care), I’ve discovered that establishing a solid and simple #mindful morning routine is KEY in creating a solid wellness foundation.

My 4 simple steps to an easy morning routine is the FIRST thing I tackle with the women I work with who are looking to get healthy, feel good and get moving.

It all sounds pretty cut and dry, but the magic happens when you you have someone in your corner (me), creating the structure for you (your plan) and holding you accountable (to your goals). Use my tried and true 4 step method to get started!

Step 1: As soon as your alarm goes off, get up and drink an 8 ounce glass of water. If it is easier, have the water available at your bed side.

Step 2: After finishing your glass of water, text me at (808) 256-3665 for your FREE #Fitin15 bodyweight strength workout. This will be your movement plan for the day!

Step 3: Take a few minutes to schedule your day; review the must-dos, the chores, the appointments and be sure to schedule your #Fitin15 workout in there too! Treat your movement plan just as high priority as that mandatory work meeting you dare not miss!

Step 4: Smile! You have spent no more than 10 minutes creating your day’s plan of action that includes keeping yourself ON your to-do list! Think about it? Where are YOU on your TO-DO List? Do you even make it on top of your list?

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