#fullness isn’t #failure

Hey sis, here’s your friendly reminder that feeling FULL isn’t FAILURE!

#Diets teach you to fear fullness.

Some coaches say feeling hunger pains is expected.

Think back to when you were a kid for a second. I bet you didn’t have a problem noticing those feelings of hunger. And similar to those feelings of hunger, you were also able to stop eating when you were full.

BUT, when we do our very first diet, we automatically lose this ability when we are directed into food restriction, resulting in things like mindless eating, overeating, emotional eating and more down the road. It may not happen right away, but it does happen, always. Eventually, you hit a road block.

Because of diets, we associate any feelings of being full or satisfied with guilt. After all, shouldn’t dieting be miserable and a lot of suffering, sacrifice and will power?

Welp, that doesn’t sound so sustainable or reasonable or worthy of our finite energy, am I right?

It is perfectly ok to eat when we feel satisfied. If that means adding some extra carbs to a meal then so be it.

When we eat until satisfied, we will be less likely to reach for more food later to satisfy us. As my Coach @Jillfit says, “meals don’t happen in isolation.” Think about that and read it again.

Want to learn how to moderate your food so that you will no longer be fearful about fullness, you will be eating for satisfaction and you will break free from the food obsession that has been bombarding your brain?

Get on my wait list for my 6 week @Moderation365 Nutrition Group Coaching coming for the first time in April of this year! Spaces are limited and first-come, first-served! DM me your email to learn the amazing curriculum that is #Moderation365, the very FIRST it’s kind in the food relationship arena.

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