want lasting fat loss results? stop living in extremes

Want lasting results? STOP ๐Ÿ›‘ living in the extremes!

If you are TOO RESTRICTIVE, you’ll have a hard time achieving and maintaining your results.

If you are TOO FLEXIBLE, you’ll have a hard time achieving and maintaining your results.

Two sides of the “same” coin; they are both the ends of the spectrum; both “extremes” in their own ways.

Women come to me when they are at either end; sick and tired of losing and re-gaining the same 10 plus pounds. Frustrated that they’ve spent a couple hundred bucks on yet another fad diet, another weight loss MLM, another quick fix find in order to serve them up those 10 pounds lost on a silver platter bullshit.

You need THREE things for lasting results.

  1. Accuracy – you need to be accurate with your goal, and more importantly, accurate with your WHY for having that goal. This is the MINDFULNESS practice I teach my clients using my 3M method for a life of wellness (Mindfulness, Movement, Moderation)
  2. Consistency – no matter your goal, or your WHY, you must be consistent. It takes small steps every day for progress. I teach women that we are not chasing perfection, we are seeking forward progress, one little thing we can do each and every day that moves us in a forward fashion.
  3. Flexibility – we are all different. You need to find a blueprint that is flexible for YOU – your LIFE and your LIFESTYLE. This is why having a Coach is key. I work with you to create the ultimate plan that will work best for you.

It’s not always a walk in the park, but once you find that balance for yourself, and stop ‘living in the extremes,’ you’ll be much more likely to achieve your goals, maintain your results, and stay healthy and happy in the process.

Watch my you tube video below for more on these 3 main factors for lasting fat loss results. If youโ€™re a woman interested in learning more about adopting my 3M lifestyle, message me today!

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