diet starts monday…

Hey sister! Do you have weight you want to lose and are thinking about going on a diet? 

Before you do, I want to have a little chat with you about diets and why you might want to think twice before you start one. 

So, let’s be real: how many times have you told yourself the diet starts Monday? 

Most likely, way too many times to count. I know this because I have been right there with you and I know I can’t even begin to count! 

But, have you ever stopped to wonder why the diet keeps starting over on Monday? Why did you get off the diet in the first place? 

I have the answer for you…

It’s because diets set you up for failure.

Too many of my clients come to me with the same story: they lose 15 pounds in two weeks going on keto, eating vegan or juice fasting. And when they post their results, everyone wants to jump on that diet bandwagon. YOU want the same results too!

Diets = Drastic Calorie Restriction = Quick Fix

Drastic Calorie Restriction = Desired Weight Loss = Return to Normal Eating Behavior = Rapid Weight Gain 

So you start over and the vicious cycle begins AND NEVER ENDS.

How about eating to LIVE and THRIVE?

I’m curious, which fat diets have set you up for failure? Let’s talk about it! Leave a comment below.

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