live workouts during trying times

Today was my first go at live fitness training. I’m definitely a work in progress! BUT, I promise this will only get better!

Save the date to join me 2-3x per week as I present LAW’s LIVE fitness video training from the comfort of your home! All levels; all abilities and NO equipment required (altho’ I will give options if you have a band, maybe a dumbbell or canned goods, some sliders, stuff like that here and there).

All workouts will follow this format:

5 minute mobility warm-up
15 minute circuit training (each class will focus on a different muscle group)
5 minute audio guided meditation

Please help share! My vision is to create a huge tribe of us that can all workout together and if not, then be sure to save the video on your end for later!

I am also taking suggestions in terms of times that may be better for you; and muscles you may be interested in working. I also am taking BIRTHDAY workout requests. I ask a few questions and then devise a Birthday workout based on your answers and we do the workout together on LIVE! My current clients know Birthday workouts very well -and it is so much fun!

TODAY’s workout was Body Blast in 15!

If you do it, let me know how it went! And remember, you won’t lose any fitness or gain 10lbs because the gym is closed or because your regular workout routine has been interrupted. Now’s the time to try a different way and you will realize this will be a great endorphin boost!

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