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How do you start your day?

If it’s like me when the alarm goes off, I jump out of the bed with BUSY on my mind to tackle my day. THIS is SO common for most of the private clients that I work with too.

My one on one clients tell me, “Lee-Ann…

“It’s been a struggle and I’m in a slump”

“I have zero time for myself”

“I just don’t know how to begin or even where to start”


Mindfulness is the first practice I tackle with my private coaching clients. It’s simply focusing on the present, and staying in the right here right now vibe.

But, like everything else we want to get good at, it requires practice!

So here’s your #mindfulnesshack

Set your alarm to wake up 5 minutes earlier in the morning. On waking, rather than springing out of bed to start your busy day, spend a few moments becoming aware of your surroundings.

Listen to the sounds around you and notice what thoughts are in your mind.

Sit up straight, place your feet on the floor, and tune in with your body.

Focus on your breathing, and allow your stomach to rise and fall.

Imagine that you are breathing in the morning light.

Visualize each breath flooding your body with a golden light from the rising sun.

Tell yourself, I Feel energized, ready for the day ahead!

Will you try this?

Send this to a girlfriend who needs some self care check in time!

And if you want more, check out my FREE audio guided meditations available for DOWNLOAD here:

Audio Meditation


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