how to quit snacking at night

In case you didn’t get it, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO EAT AT NIGHT. *THIS* is one of those MANY #dumbdietrules out there.

Snacking is a-ok. Dieting has brain washed us to eat according to a clock, a meal plan or a schedule, ignoring our internal body and hunger cues.

Snacking gives us great data on how our bodies operate. Sometimes if we are too restrictive during the day, we will be hungrier at night. This is common sense, right? If your toddler comes to you hungry, do you tell him/her it’s not time to eat yet cause the diet says so? Of course not!

But we are made to believe if we want it bad enough we will have to suffer, be hungry and starving and stick to a one sized-fits all “paper plan.” Please. Just. Don’t.

If you are craving something, eat it!

If you want to eat because you are hungry, then eat!

Not satisfied after a meal? Have a sweet treat. It’s fine!

Wellness is a lifestyle that is balanced and happy. Do what feels good, make your own choices and release all of that guilt and shame you’ve been carrying around.

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