wow, you are really expensive

“Wow, working with #honolulupersonaltrainer is really expensive…”

It’s funny how often I hear this when people inquire about working with me.

Well, that depends on what your priorities are then.If you prioritize your health and wellness, then nope, that STUFF is PRICELESS.

But, if you KIND OF want to get healthy with a KINDA sort of attitude; but, DON’T REALLY want to spend that much money, then sure, it’s a lot of money to give away for being UNINVESTED.

So, I would ask that you reexamine YOUR WANT list.

Maybe you don’t want to get healthy after all…

Maybe you aren’t unhealthy enough (YET) to pull the trigger….

Either way, it’s funny to hear that from specific people and then see those same people:
-Spending dinners out on the town multiple times per week ($100 minimum easy)
-Spending money on fancy bags and shoes (hundreds almost thousands of dollars per trip)
-Spending money on luxury cars for maintenance and service
-Spending money on trips multiple times per year (pre COVID days of course).

Where is your money going and what is important to you?

If I’m too expensive for you, then you are not my ideal client. #sorrynotsorry I take my work seriously and spend a lot of money, time, effort and energy into leading my clients into their strongest healthiest bodies and if ya’ don’t want the same for yourself, then, I can’t help you.

I see the value in you, so you should see the value in me, xoLA

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