low fat protein sources in hawaii

Here is Day 1 of a 4 Day PROTEIN CHEAT SHEET just for you! Living in Hawaii, we love our fish and poi; but, no doubt, we also love our fatty cuts of meat! As a female personal trainer in Hawaii, working on Oahu, I get asked ALL OF THE TIME, what low fat protein sources are available for someone watching their cholesterol? And after a convo I had with my 17 year old nephew about this very topic, I’ve decided to share this cheat sheet with all of you!

Why would you want to watch the fat intake in your protein sources? Well, for weight loss and as a weight loss trainer in Hawaii, I’ve seen time and again how protein choices for my clients can have an impact on their weight loss goals. For someone looking to shed body fat, clients should choose lower to medium fat protein choices, more often than not, in order to properly fuel their bodies.

And it works the other way too -when clients want to gain weight in order to gain muscle and size. For example, I’m now working with my 17 year old nephew on a clean muscle build. He’s done all the work to lose 30lbs so now he’s ready to add some muscle size to his 6’ frame.

So were chatting as I’m giving him his calories and macros which looks like this:

3,254 calories
203 grams protein
447 grams carbs
72 grams fat

I tell him to keep his protein choices lean because although his calories are high, his overall daily fat goal is on the lower end. And since he’s used to the fatty cuts of meat in my family, he asked for a list of low fat protein sources.

So here it is. And if you need it too, comment below and I’ll send you the large text size PDF version of the entire chart.

Over the next 3 days, I’ll tackle Moderate Fat, High Fat and Plant Based Protein Sources in cheat sheet format!

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And BTW – what’s your favorite cut of protein? Or type in if you are plant based?

Me – I love a rib eye! 💋💪🏾


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