why hiring a 1:1 coach is beneficial

Oftentimes, people fail on mass diet programs because they do not offer customization, and often overlook your specific needs. If you have been struggling with your weight loss for years or can’t seem to overcome the mindset hurdles needed for lasting weight loss, then my 1:1 coaching option is a GREAT fit for you!

  1. Having a simple plan custom-designed for YOUR unique SELF that includes 1-2 specific goals for YOU to focus on daily. With mu sustainable approach, you’ll be able ti fit it in where you can.
  2. Having access to me, a REAL LIVE person via email, text, online Zoom and True Coach, methods to communicate with me that works best for YOU. Most online programs do not offer face to face interaction; they set you up with a cookie cutter schedule without additional support. With me, I offer many different methods for communication. Some of my clients love email, but some love the coaching calls, Voice Messaging, and text access. We make this work together so you will never feel overwhelmed.
  3. Having YOUR workouts tailored to YOUR busy lifestyle. I understand you have stuff to do, work, your household, chores, your kids, your family and friends. My approach creates a unique schedule around your LIFE, not having this be your LIFE and this approach will allow you to consistently get your workouts done every single week!

The best opportunity to work with me is now open for enrollment. My July LevelUp program is a lean muscle building program for women aged 30+. This program will have you lifting heavy stuff, get strong and feel amazing! I have 4 spots open. Register today!

Lee-Ann Watanabe is a Health and Wellness Coach with over 20 years experience in fitness and nutrition industry. After being diagnosed with severe, refractory Ulcerative Colitis in 2003, Lee-Ann left her Media Planning career at a prominent Advertising Agency to pursue her deeply rooted passion in wellness. Her mission? To help women break free from their inner critic resulting in increased confidence, self-trust and healthy boundaries around food and fitness.

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