how strength training saved me from a life of starvation

In 1997, I was young and heartbroken. I literally weighed my worth with well, my scale weight. I joined Jenny Craig because I believed if I was skinny, I would be lovable.

In 7 months, I lost 45 pounds and I was skinny, but I was miserable. I was losing hair. My period stopped. I was barely existing on a 600 calorie diet because well, my 5 foot 3 inch height was REJECTING a goal scale weight of 125lbs – a goal that my Jenny Craig “Counselor” picked based on my – yep, you guessed it – height. I became obsessive; compulsive and extreme. I was ADAMANT to reach that 125lb “goal” no matter what. And when I did, I was EVERYTHING BUT HAPPY.

While on Jenny, my “Counselor;” she told me NOT to lift weights or to strength train. She said all that mattered was the number of the scale and that lifting weights would make the scale read heavier. I was CLUELESS, so I just listened. After all, thinness was the answer to it all, wasn’t it?

I could have joined their LIFETIME program. And if at the time, I had the $$$, I would have. I was torn between knowing in my right mind that a lifetime of Jenny would make me much worse and the FEAR of having to go at it alone; the FEAR of gaining the weight ALL BACK and then SOME. Thank the Universe, that during this time, my pocketbook won (or rather, lack there of) and I broke up with Jenny for good.

And then I met Lindsay at her 24 Hour Fitness booth at the University of Hawaii Manoa campus where I sheepishly approached to find out more info about a gym membership. Before this, I was DEATHLY AFRAID of joining a gym. I was intimidated and I had no idea what to do. I told myself, “Who am I to join a gym, where FIT people go to make themselves FITTER.” I definitely told myself I was NOT A FIT PERSON.

Lindsay, she had a strong athletic shape. She wasn’t skinny, but she held a frame to me, that read STRONG AS F! And I liked that. She made me feel confident about starting my fitness journey and so at that time, (broke college student), I went into debt to join 24 Hour Fitness Kapiolani on their cheapest, 3x per week membership (you guys remember those memberships??? LOL a thing of the past, right?). Lindsay, if you are out there – THANK YOU!

With that membership, I received 2 free personal training sessions to learn the lay of the land. I remember clearly the female trainer telling me, “WOW you are dam strong for a girl.” HAHAHA and so this is the beginning of the rest of my life. And Trainer lady at 24 HF Kapiolani whose name I can’t recall, THANK YOU!

This would be the first time someone made me realize that I was CAPABLE of something that I had never associated with my ABILITY. I was never athletic – EVER. I was a BOOB TUBE child. My dad, he was afraid to let us play outside. My mom was an avid church goer, so my childhood was watching TV and going to Church, for real tho!

This is why I am adamant that my female clients over 30 STRENGTH TRAIN, at least 3x per week, lifting heavy and eating to fuel their performance. And my personal experience is what has compelled me to create my 6 week lean muscle building program called #LevelUP which is now open for enrollment.

I am taking a total of 10 women, aged 30 years plus to develop a 6 week customized metcon and macro program for THEIR UNIQUE bodies. 100% tailored to your Ability, your Access and your Availability. And the best part? All workouts are 30 minutes or less!

My only requirements include: 1) you are aged 30 plus 2) have at least 3 times per week to dedicate to your 30 minutes or less customized lean muscle building programs and 3) promise to not disengage throughout the 6 weeks.

You will have complete, 100% access to me 24/7 via text, email, phone as well as access to our private Facebook community for support and camaraderie.

You will use the free app called True Coach to view your 6 week workouts along with workout videos and how to demos.

I’ve filled 4 of the spots right now. I have 6 spots remaining. Enroll today!

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