are you a woman over 30 years old? you need to hear this!

My female clients come to train with me and are surprised when I include a good amount of strength training into their programs. They are usually shocked and fearful of lifting weights because they do not want to look like those female bodybuilders.

Usually women enter the gym and head straight to the treadmill or stair master and spend hours on these cardio machines, day in and day out in hopes of changing their bodies. What they don’t know is that to make real changes, you need to lift weights. And when you hit your 30’s, throwing some weight around is even more important!

Strength Training Increases Your Metabolism (to Burn More Fat)

If you lift weights, obviously you build muscles. And the more muscles you have, the faster will be your metabolism.

Did you know that one pound of muscle burns about 6-7 calories every hour? The fat cells burn only 1! So, get more muscles to burn fat.

You may think now (again) that how will you look like if you pack on so much muscle mass. Don’t worry! The hormone system of women does not allow to grow incredibly big muscles. Plus, your muscles will look more shaped, so visually you look more fit as well.

You Are Going to Be Stronger

It is logical that by lifting weights, you are going to get better strength that you can enjoy across across all of the activities in your daily life. It will be easier to go up the stairs with heavy bags, and you will not have to beg your husband to move this or that around the house.

Typically, women can be 30-40% stronger thanks to the weights without looking bulky.

Prevent Injuries & Illnesses

If you have a strong body the possibility to get an injury from a daily activity is much less since you muscles and joints are much powerful. It will not be a problem if you have to make a sudden move or move that requires more strength.

Another benefit is that weight training helps to compensate the adverse effects of the sedentary life style. It helps you to get rid of and prevent lower back pain, headache, etc.

Do you want to transform your body into a lean muscle building machine in 30 minutes or less per day while enjoying food freedom & flexibility?

Join my 6 week #LEVELUP lean muscle building program starting on May 25th, 2020!

For less than a cup of coffee per day, I’m giving YOU the metcons and macros suitable for YOUR body so that you can become a calorie burning machine!

I talk to women every day who tell me “It’s been a struggle. I’m in a slump. I need to be using my free time better. I am getting so lazy and I have to get motivated again. I just don’t know how to begin or even where to start.” This is why I am so stoked to announce that my 6 week lean building program #LevelUP is now open for enrollment!

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