fat loss myths revealed

When you join my 6 week lean muscle building program #LevelUp, you’ll receive weekly, juicy content all things fitness and food related. Here’s a sneak peak of the very things we will cover together so that YOU can become your OWN BODY DETECTIVE.

Diets make you believe that you are ONE SIZE FITS ALL. WTF?! We are unique bodies, with unique chemistry and hormonal panels. We are all genetically gifted in our own unique way. WHY WOULD YOU FOLLOW A COOKIE CUTTER DIET AND WORKOUT PROGRAM FOR THE MASSES?

With #LevelUP, I provide the exact workouts and nutritional guidelines meant for YOU! After you enroll, you will complete my questionnaire that will guide me to coach you through the right path. I take the guess workout out of it all.

And to give you a sneak peek of what’s ahead, here’s today’s igTV mini training on fat loss myths BUSTED! I discuss if building muscle and burning fat is possible; the signs and symptoms of a slow metabolism and the best carb based foods for weight loss and/or weight maintenance.

I am only accepting 10 women aged 30 plus for this lean muscle building program. I have 6 spots left. Don’t wait – it is the best opportunity with the least barrier to entry to work your very own customized program with me, accessible 24/7 via text, phone, email and Zoom.

What are you waiting for?

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