exposure therapy + my current physique

Exposure therapy. Have you heard of this? It’s doing something you’re uncomfortable with repeatedly over time with the idea that this repeated exposure eventually decreases one’s discomfort.

I’m into it cuz this is the exact process I’ll do with myself with the scale. If I don’t go on the scale for months, the first hundred (lol) times is hella anxiety inducing. But if I can get into a rhythm of weighing myself regularly, I’m not so bothered by the act of weighing. Not to mention how EYE 👁 opening the daily fluctuations are (#data) and affirming it can be (cause I know I didn’t gain 3 lbs over night, ya feel me?)

Now I’m working on that same #mindset with progress pics I send to @J every Sunday.  It’s getting easier and the cringing is settling down. Janelle tasked me with starting a daily affirmation practice on self love. That same day, my Biz Viach @Arliss asked me to do the samez can we agree that the UNIVERSE is definitely TELLING me what to do?!  

As I practice this, I remember just how much this body has been through and how freaking appreciative I am for my body allowing me to do all the epic shit I’ve done and all the pic shit I plan to do. 

What’s one thing you appreciate about your body? 

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