women are not small men

Happy 😃 Birthday 🥳 to the bestest friend and spouse @808lekeli I’m lucky enough to do #life with!

As we both entered our mid 40s this year, it’s apparent how aging affects men and women very differently. 

The 💡 went off when I first read @drstacysims book @womenarenotsmallmen! #truth

I’ve spent many a training sessions with male trainers and male coaches training me just like everyone one else. 

When I complained of symptoms, “just take a few rest days” was their bandaid fix. Mention of a period. Radio 📻 silence 😝 

As I began experiencing all the differences not only within myself but also with the female clients I train (many in the 40+ age demo), I knew I needed a lot more education on the #femalemetabolism. 

This led me to study under @jadeteta in his Female Metabolism Professional Certification (a must if your looking to level up your expertise especially if your training females period!) 

And just today, Dr. Teta summarized it perfectly – why it’s so important that we really learn about the women we serve especially to those who say gender does not matter… 

“For those who say it doesn’t matter, think about this:

☝🏾Men have one major sex steroid while women have two

☝🏾Male testosterone stays static day-to-day. Female estrogen and progesterone change every day, and cycle throughout the month

☝🏾Men go through two hormonal life stages— puberty & andropause. Women go through 4 or 5– puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause & post-menopause.

☝🏾Finally, women are the gender of childbearing. This makes their metabolism a little more refined & sophisticated.”

-quote directly taken from Dr. Jade Teta

BTW Dr. Teta offers a FREE training on advanced metabolism and hormones, so be sure to check his page out if you want to start doing a deeper look 👀 into just how amazing 🤩 your female body is!

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