3 ways (you don’t think of) to BOOST Fat LOSS + my big July announcment

I am excited to announce my 4 week DIY body fat loss program #LevelUP for women ages 30+ looking to shed a few pounds post COVID 19. 

This program includes customized workouts and customized macro recommendations. Register today to get on my July waitlist! 

Participants will also receive:

-a weekly nutrition component where I teach you the science behind fat loss and how to use your customize macros for long-term sustainable success.

-bonus content to make sure that you have all the tools needed for your fat loss goals.

Although this is a self-directed program, my number one goal is to make sure that you have everything you need to lose those last few pounds for good. No more bouncing from program-to-program and never seeing results! Have complete access to work with a real live person – me – that is able to help you navigate and guide you through this process for the last time once and for all!!

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