is your trainer taking advantage of you?

This week, I tackle the FIVE myths women have about their bodies, and their metabolisms. Each day, I’ll cover a common myth.

FLAG THIS POST as your reminder that if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

When working at a big commercial gym many MOONS ago, I was appalled at how many women were duped into feeling shitty about themselves because their Personal Trainers were purposefully (unbeknownst to these women of course), reading their body fat percentages higher as a sales tactic to get their money. I SAW. IT. ALL.

And that’s why I stand firm in my integrity as a human, as a woman, as your trainer.

I am NOT your mass gym trainer who will manipulate data to close the deal.

I am NOT the trainer who will prey on your desperation to achieve the “body of your dreams.”

I AM THE TRAINER who will give you what your body needs and balance that with what your mind wants.

I AM THE TRAINER who will always have your best interest at my heart; leading you through healthy and sustainable wellness methods.

I AM THE TRAINER who will celebrate your wins; help you through the lows and aid you in becoming your strongest and healthiest!

Now back to Metabolism! Metabolism is defined as the chemical processes that occur within YOU – a LIVING organism in order to maintain life.

Myth #1: You can easily burn fat and build muscle at the same time!
Myth Buster #1: For anyone other than those just beginning to exercise and those using anabolic hormones, simultaneously building muscle and burning fat is very difficult. It is best to focus on one, then switch and deal with the other.

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