training vs straining and why motivation don’t mean jack shit

Any SHITTY trainer can kill you for money. I am not THAT shitty trainer. I give you what your body NEEDS, not necessarily what you THINK you need. I always strive for a happy balance between the two, but I am the EXPERT and the one in tuned with your BODY in a way that you won’t necessarily understand right out the gate.

But why is that your standard of a GREAT workout? That you need to feel sore; feel like you are knocking on death’s door in order for THAT to be your WIN?

Some people depend on intense exercise to feel good about themselves.

Some people feel like Intense exercise gives them a sense of control over their body and life.

Sometimes, less is more. Putting in a consistent good effort over the long haul is much more sustainable than cycles of “crash and burn”.

The problem is not balancing stress with recovery.

Exercise is a stressor. Usually a good one. But a stressor nonetheless.

But in terms of a physical demand, we still need to help our bodies recover from all the stress we experience.

The right amount of exercise, at the right intensity, and the right time:

We train. We learn. We get healthier and stronger.

Too much exercise, with too high an intensity, too often:

We strain. We stress. We shut down. And break down.

You don’t get to decide if you need recovery or not.

Your body will decide for you.

If you don’t build recovery into your plan, your body will eventually force it.

Exercise should make us feel, look, perform and live better… not crush us.

Movement should help us function freely… not incapacitate us.

What if you could leave your training session feeling energized, not exhausted?

What if, instead of doing more, you could do better?

What if, you reverse-engineered the statement: If someone said you could feel, look, perform, live better and move freely if you were simply motivated to do so, what would happen? Would you think, “Nah, I’m good. I’m not motivated today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year to live my best, healthiest self.”

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