are you a perpetual #dieter?

Many of my tribe have gone through lifetime dieting, myself included. 

It took me well over two decades as a female chasing the scale and as a Oahu based personal trainer in Honolulu to realize that I was approaching weight loss all wrong – and the very reason why i wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.⁠ 

Day after day, month after month, and year after year… 

Are you constantly counting calories, cutting portions, and increasing the amount of exercise you are doing?

If you want to lose fat and gain muscle (aka look ‘toned’), then you’ve got to do the food thing right and right isn’t attained when on a perpetual diet.

I coach women:
❤️to stop fearing food and eat!
❤️to empower by lifting weights 
❤️to appreciate their strong bodies
❤️to give themselves grace over guilt

If you’ve been chasing your results for a while now, it may be your time to nix the dieting all together.

So, tell me… how long have you been dieting?

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