lifting for weight loss myth #2: I want to tone not build muscle

“I just want to tone,” she said. And with that, she grabbed her pink rubber weights off the rack and pranced to a small area of the all-women’s section at the gym to complete her ultra-high-rep toning workout.


The myth of “toning” took root several decades ago when gyms had women only sections with pink equipment targeted specifically to women. Now, we know much better, but somehow this ‘toning’ myth continues to circulate in women’s minds across the country!

Our muscles don’t understand what it means to “tone.” It’s simply not how muscles actually develop.

Muscles do two things – they shrink and they grow. They don’t TONE.

When muscles GROW (build), your muscle will look dense, tight, firm and less squishy or soft-looking (i.e. sometimes referred to as skinny-fat).

When muscles SHIRNK (muscle loss), muscle begin to look smaller, softer, and more squishy.

Women wanting to ‘tone” ACTUALLY need some degree of muscle building/growing to attain the look they are after.

You see ‘TONE’ = Muscle Building / Muscle Growing!

Okay, so if “toning” isn’t a thing — but you desperately want that toned “look” (a.k.a, hard muscles and a lean figure) — what do you do?

You focus more on growing strong and lean with the right muscle-building regime and food protocol suitable for your body and lifestyle! NEED HELP?

This is EXACTLY what my #LevelUp ladies get when they work with me!

I am enrolling 10 women in my August LevelUp program NOW. LevelUp is a customized lean muscle building program designed for YOU – YOUR BODY not EVERY BODY! Get strong and Feel Amazing! Limited spots available!

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