sick of losing & gaining the same weight?

When clients first start working with me, they are always ready to lose weight for good, improve their body composition, and break free from yo-yo dieting. And like so many of you, my clients have tried many other programs over the years; but, have never experienced lasting success with any of them.

My approach with my clients is different. Many diet programs will cut your calories, tell you to work out more, and prescribe extra cardio to drop weight. You may lose a few pounds at first when you follow this approach, but you usually start to gain the weight back within a couple of weeks or months. These plans fail because they are not tailored to your needs, your goals, or your lifestyle. Oftentimes, the whole mindset portion is overlooked in programs like this as well.

My program is not a diet, it’s a sustainable wellness plan custom built for you. Since we are changing your habits, improving your nutrition, and changing your approach to exercise you will never gain the weight back. 

Upon signing up, all of my new clients fill out a very detailed assessment because I want to know everything… your goals, what you’ve tried in the past, your health history, and anything else that could be impacting your ability to lose weight and feel great. This assessment helps me build your foundation and it’s one of the most important steps. 

Here is what helps my clients the most:

  1. Having a customized nutrition plan designed specifically for her.  This combined with real time food log reviews where I provide her detailed feedback on her daily nutrition was a complete game-changer.
  2. Having unlimited support and accountability. Losing weight is hard, so having a coach in your corner to help you pivot when needed, breakdown barriers, and provide a balance of encouragement and accountability is just what my clients need.
  3. Having a workout program custom-designed just for your needs every 6-weeks.  This helps increasing your metabolism, build lean muscle mass, and significantly improve your fitness all while dropping inches and pounds. Your program is tailored for both at-home workouts and gym-based workouts as needed. Of course, this is one of the best things about customized plans, they fit YOUR needs. 

If you are interested in learning more about my 1:1 coaching, please APPLY HERE! I have a few spots opening up for July and I would love to see you in the program. They will go fast! 

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