chicken soft tacos in 5 minutes or less!

Chicken Soft Tacos in less than 5 minutes
All from Safeway:

La Tortilla Low Carb Tortillas

Safeway Ready Made Hummus

Safeway Ready Made Pico de Gallo

Safeway Ready Made Guacamole

Safeway Ready Made Berry Mix

Open Nature Organic Roasted Chicken

Organics Mexican Shredded Cheese

Put 1 tablespoon of Hummus, Guac and Pico De Gallo in 1 tortilla with 3 ounces of chicken. Microwave for 30-seconds. Garnish with salsa, hot sauce and 1/2 cup of Safeway Ready Made Berry Mix

Approx. Nutritional Content:360 calories13g fat35g carbs31g protein
Send me a pic of your meal prep in 10 minutes or less and be entered to win a #zyiaactive athletic wear!

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