non scale victories

My 50-year old client did a 3 week check in. The scale didn’t budge but the inches sure did! You see, there is much more to long term wellness than that fickle number on the scale.

After all, your value as a person, your experiences, success and the vibe you bring to the world can’t be measured by that scale, and the way you feel about yourself shouldn’t be either!

As my vibe_365 philosophy goes, my tribe does not resort to extreme measures, meal replacement shakes, detox concoctions or endless hours of exercise.

We work on reframing the mind around goals, food and fitness and then we do the hard work, inside of the body and outside of the body with self love, compassion, grace and ultimate self care.

Despite the scale not moving at all, my client here lost almost 9 inches from all over the body in a mere 3 weeks! When we are right in mind and soul, all else falls into place.

We are kicking off a new vibe_365 tribe group coaching program! Message me for details on how you too can love the body you are in, lessen your anxiety around food and fitness and be at peace that you are amazing as you are, and that you are doing everything just fine.

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