fat loss isn’t what you think

When it comes to fat loss, many people tend to focus on areas that truly have the least amount of importance for long-term, sustainable results.

When you hear the words ‘Fat Loss’…what does your mind immediately think?

Most of my clients tell me in order to LOSE FAT, they need to do ALL OF THIS:

  • Eat less carbs⁣
  • Eat less fat⁣
  • Do more cardio⁣
  • Fast more often⁣
  • Consume more supplements⁣

As their Coach, I teach them that for FAT LOSS, they need to focus on THIS instead:

  • Practice patience⁣
  • Focus on consistency⁣
  • Be more aware of what I put in my mouth on a daily basis⁣
  • Lift heavy shit⁣
  • Sleep more
  • Get off my butt and walk more⁣

When it comes to fat loss, your one hour exercise session is way LESS important for your goal. Instead, focus on the second list where you begin to lay a STRONG foundation for your body to thrive, not just survive!

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