why motivation is your roadblock to working out

As a Fitness Coach, I here it all the time… “I’m just not motivated to work out. I don’t know why.”

As a Fitness enthusiast, I receive comments all the time… “I wish I had your motivation. If I lived with you, I would totally be motivated to exercise.”

I call BS. Motivation is something you develop. Not something genetic, innate or gifted to you from the heavens above.

Motivation is learned. It’s a result of reps on reps on reps. It’s about an excuse arising in your head and your ability to counter that excuse with an opposing solution.

I’ve created a nifty chart below. Blow that shit up, print it out and paste it somewhere you will see it often. When an excuse arises, use the chart’s applicable solution. And keep grinding at that. If you keep going, it gets easier. Your motivation will get stronger and eventually, exercise will be a habit just like waking up, brushing your teeth, going to work…

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