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The impact of meditation on gut health is beneficial, as meditation activates the parasympathetic or ‘rest and digest’ response. This can alleviate digestive issues by easing symptoms of IBS, maintaining a healthy gut barrier and reducing inflammation, as well as improving nutrient absorption and metabolism.

Issues like leaky gut, IBS and IBD often come from living a high-stress lifestyle. Most of us are under a lot of stress in today’s world. When you’re feeling anxious or rushed, your body goes into fight or flight.

Over time, developing a meditation practice can help you to decrease stress and regulate the fight-flight-freeze & delight response. The nervous system and the gut are inextricably linked. Humans were never designed to be stressed out all the time, and when we learn to calm our nervous systems, our health improves dramatically.

Download my free 5 minute audio guided meditation specifically designed for those dealing with Leaky Gut, IBS and IBD.

A one-year follow-up for those who were taught Relaxation Response Meditation for IBS and IBD found that many of them continued to show “significant additional reduction in pain and bloating.”

I hope you enjoy this free download. I am a work in progress. This is the birth of my wellness expertise being directed toward those dealing with GI dysfunction, sepcifally hose with Chrons and Ulcerative Colitis.

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