reliable results are never rapid

Reliable results are NEVER Rapid.

Don’t fall for the hype of #rapidresultsmax promising a weight loss of up to 17lbs in 4 weeks.

Wanna guess what huge #dietindustry giant has put this stake in their ground?*

The first one to guess correctly below in the comments will be emailed a special gift!

Look, this *same” company helped me shed 45lbs back in the day. Taught me about portion control and gave me #Jeopardy worthy calorie counting skills.

That same giant created my hyper fixation upon how exercise influenced my weekly weigh-ins, as well as how starvation and excessive cardio could get the scale to drop to near double digits which meant I was “so good.”

My day back then pretty much was made or broken by those weigh-in Saturdays. And my then boyfriend, now husband, was witness and victim to the sadness, depression and rage than ensued from a “I was not good” weigh in day.

Besides, there are so many shitty symptoms of quick weight loss like malnutrition, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and gallstones – yep – gallstones can be a result of rapid weight loss.

Don’t we know at this point that diets fail and that rapid results are not only NOT real but most definitely unreliable?

Yet, as a Honolulu personal trainer, I work with so many women who have spent a half of their life time on these false promises, quick fix results and ultimately, weight re-gain, hormonal imbalance and low self esteem because they feel like they can never get it right, so something must be wrong with them.

Nope, NOTHING is wrong with YOU. Everything is wrong with the BS we are drip fed on a daily basis and the dysmorphic picture of health that we blindly strive to achieve.

I’m here for you sister: to break this cycle and renew, reset and restart, for the last time once and for all!

Let me show you how mindfulness, movement and moderation (my signature one on one coaching program called the #3mmethod) can pave your sustainable way of wellness.

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