why i left an unhealthy business relationship

This year, I’ve decided to get out of my comfort zone because 2019 taught me valuable lessons in my business.

Lesson Learned #1: If you have a gut feeling about a particular person you plan on entering into a partnership with, go with your gut feeling. Don’t give that person the benefit of the doubt. I’ve had TOO many experiences where I ignored my gut and the end result is always the same – I should have listened to my gut in the first place. In my last experience, I spent over 4 years trying to cater, please and adhere to a person’s ridiculous list of demands. And every time, I complied, there was another absurd thing added to that list.

Lesson Learned #2: Not all people will treat you the way you treat them, so don’t think that way. Don’t think that if you do what you are supposed to do, that the other person will do the same or appreciate what you do. Although my mother taught me to treat others the way I want to be treated, in my 43 years on this earth, I’ve realized that, THAT statement couldn’t be further from the truth because MOST people don’t operate like that. What I used to think was common sense is not so common sense after all.

Lesson Learned #3: If you feel uneasy about your work environment, don’t let it drag on and on. NO. It won’t get better. NO. It will not improve if you do more. You cannot change another human being. And sometimes, people are just 100% assholes no matter what. The easier decision is to stay; to stay where is is safe, secure and same same. It’s scary and MESSY to uproot your business. But, scary and messy is exactly what you need to light a fire under your ass to make real, lasting, positive changes. It started a whole bon fire under my ass.

So I left. In a BIG MESS. But now, 4 months later, I am so HAPPY. My business is flourishing. My environment is conducive to growth. I am excited about my work. I am passionate to show up to my “gym” every day to work with improving the quality of my people’s lives. I have a mentor / gym owner who encourages growth. And so I did a thing.

I hired a business coach. I bit the bullet and threw down a chunk of cash to invest in myself and to invest into my business. And although it was scary, now that I am in it, it’s the best decision I have ever made, as I am reinvesting back into myself and my craft so I can invest back into my clients.

And with that investment, has come another stream of growth, which again makes me feel uneasy, uncomfortable and MESSY – I am expanding my business to work with people who suffer from GI issues; something I know far too much about. As a long time Ulcerative Colitis survivor (yes, I say survivor, because if you know about this wicked disease, then you know); I have come through the other side; going from sick and tired, hopeless and depressed, to thriving and coping, excited about the future and living again.

If you suffer from GI issues, or know of someone who does, or anyone who has Ulcerative Colitis or Chron’s disease as well, send them my information. I would love to chat. I am the go to wellness specialist experienced in dealing with an unpredictable disease and all the symptoms that come with that. I know how to program your fitness to accommodate your struggles with remission and flares, and the unknown. And although I know there is no cure for what we suffer from, I do know that the stronger we can keep your body, the better you will be able to handle the blows that come down from said conditions.

I am looking for clients who:

  1. Suffer from GI issues that include stomach cramping, gas, bloating, blood in your stool.
  2. Suffer from fatigue & joint pain because your body doesn’t properly absorb food you eat.
  3. Who are ashamed to discuss such “taboo” topics such as a bowel disease, bathroom behaviors and feel alone and isolated in their struggle.
  4. Deal with fear and guilt about their life revolving around a bathroom; looking for a bathroom; sprinting to a bathroom or not making it to a bathroom in time; a vicious cycle that can go on 30 plus times per day. I’ve been there. I know your struggle. I can help.
  5. Have given up on doing the activities that you love, including exercise because you have no idea how you can even fit that stuff in when 150% of your current life is dealing with this shit disease – no pun intended 😉

I serve as a positive role model looking to inspire others suffering with GI issues. I see myself as someone who had spent over a decade learning how to deal with my body the hard way. I hope to save others from the hard lessons I’ve endured and I know that if I came out of the abyss, so can you.

You may not feel like you have it now, but I’ve got the GUTS for you!

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