do you believe in magic?

I’ve seen a lot of MLMs posting about pills and powders that can cure every ailment imaginable! #miraculous

I’ve seen influencers eat crap food, barely exercise and swear that the magic is in the pills they are pushing. (legal drug dealers).⁠

And YES! I was ONE who fell for them ALL. Heck, I even used to sell Isagenix at one point because I wasn’t confident enough to go ALL IN in helping women achieve their best selves through whole food macros-based nutrition and strength training. ⁠

I’ve spent tens of thousands on diets, exercise programs, supplements including ALL OF THE fat burners as well as the magic tricks like sauna body wraps and cleanses only to be left with trying to manage my out of control Ulcerative Colitis (UC) that soon followed all of those pursuits. ⁠

Now I know I had to go through that to arrive here: at a solid place where I am 100% convinced that you can change yourself from the inside out without any of the gimmicks. Just with a solid mindset, customized macros for your body and progressive overload strength training. ⁠

The reason why I understand you is because I am you.⁠

There’s 3 months left until the end of 2022. And there is still time for you to take the lead of your health! I’ve got 1 spot open for October. Are you ready?⁠

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