3 fitness myths you should FORGET!

Had I known these earlier — I would’ve saved a lot of effort, time, mental fatigue, and money!

1. Cardio is great for weight loss. Gosh! I WISH ⭐️ I figured this out in my 30s!

Cardio should not be your go-to for weight loss. Macros based nutrition and progressive overload strength training are your best bets for changing your body. Not Orange Theory or F45 but lifting heavy weight in a smart and progressive way each week!

2. You build muscle WHILE you lift weights. Nope! You break down muscle tissue when you lift.

After you workout, your body repairs or replaces damaged muscle fibers through a cellular process where it fuses muscle fibers together to form new muscle fibers (in simpler terms). These new muscle fibers increase in thickness and number to create muscle growth!

So you build muscle after training when you are DOING EVERYTHING ELSE like eating, sleeping, recovering… all assist in how those new muscle fibers repair itself.

Think 🤔 about it. You lift. Then you go home and you start doing a million things. You don’t eat. You don’t sit down. Or you decide to fast thinking you’ll eat less which will help you lose weight. All this while, your muscles are trying to repair itself and you’ve got no nutrition gas in the tank. How can your poor muscles repair themselves if you aren’t facilitating the repair process by doing your part?

3. You can target exactly where you want to lose fat from or where you want to gain muscle at. Due to basic physiological responses, you cannot change the distribution of the muscle tissue within the muscle unit to reshape it. Only Liposuction or cosmetic surgery can create that for you 😆!

What’s one fitness truth you used to believe that you felt would make or break your results?

Mine was DEFINITELY NUMBER ONE! I lived and died by cardio as the holy grail of weight loss!

Now I work with women to save them from relentlessly spinning their wheels trying to cardio themselves into a shape they think they want to be! Let me show you a much more enjoyable and EFFECTIVE way!

2 spots for October just opened up. DM me for a chat!

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