are you a stressed mom with no time?

My baby sister had a kid and moved away to a new place where she didn’t know anyone or have any family.

She’s got her #squad now, but dam, having a baby is work! Hiring a sitter wasn’t something she wanted, but she knew exercise would help with her emotional mood and mindset as she started this new chapter in her life.

She’s one of my many mom clients who need quick and easy at home workouts that could include their kids. And this was how my @vibe_365 BusyBee program was born!

Are you a busy mom strapped for time?

Are you a mom juggling all the things but wanting to exercise your body and mind?

Are you a new mom trying to figure this all out, tired, stressed and overwhelmed?

Well I got you! My vibe_365 BusyBee at home workout is customized for your level, the age of your children and works with the stuff you’ve got (do you have bands at home, maybe a dumbbell or two lying around… great if you do, but cool cool don’t fret if not).

Your BusyBee workout will work with what you got, meeting you where you are at. And the best part – it’s all over email so you can be anywhere!

I’ve got 3 moms on board and I am looking for 2 more moms to join the BusyBee tribe!

Does this resonate with you? If so, shoot me a DM, leave me a comment below or show your girl some love with a like and an emoji ✌🏾🙆🏽‍♀️

Meet my nephew Makai and his dad, my brother in law, Gordan.

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