ok, I’ll tell you about losing body fat for reals

Yesterday, I did a mini training tackling my client’s concern – HOW DO I LOSE MY BELLY FAT!

The top-line? Our bodies don’t operate like that. We can’t choose where we want to lose fat from.

BUT! You know what’s even better? Losing body fat overall, is a healthy way to keep our bodies thriving. SO, as promised, here are some easy to implement #fatlossforowomentips!

Flag this chart, take a screen shot, print and put on your fridge; at your office desk or anywhere you can quickly refer to it.

AND if you need help navigating these tips (like what the heck are MACROS, LEE-ANN?!?!), shoot me a DM and I’ll be glad to help you out!

If anything, do yourself a solid and download the free food tracker @myfitnesspal and start playing around with inputting some of the stuff you eat, in there. Only cuz it gives us a general idea of where your carbs, protein and fat intake is it, to ensure you are eating enough of all of those to keep your #bossbabe empire moving up, up, up!


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