please, tell me how to lose my belly fat!

Every day, I receive questions from tons of women asking me various food and fitness related stuff. So I decided to devote every Wednesday to a mini training on all of these topics. Today, I kicked off my first insta live mini training tackling one of my client’s questions, which she DM’d to me just yesterday! Go watch it now before it disappears (@24cycle on instagram / Lee-Ann Watanabe).

Let’s call my client VM. When she messaged me, VM also mentioned that she stopped drinking soda, stopping doing food takeout and moved physically and mindfully at least 30’ each day, with 100% of that time dedicated to her self care.

I did not tell her to do these things. She innately developed these mindful habits on her own. She’s laid the foundation for sustainable wellness journey. She reached out to me as an example and motivator and surrounds herself with people sharing her same mindset. Overall, she’s loving the way all of this makes her feel. Yet, she want’s to desperately know how to lose belly fat!

Sistah – if it were only that SIMPLE!

Tons of research shows that we can’t spot reduce; meaning we can’t say, “hey, I want to lose fat from my stomach so I am gonna do 1,000 crunches every day.” Unfortunately, our bodies just don’t work that way. With my own experience and experience of 100s of my female clients, it usually goes like this – you lose weight first in the area you prefer to be the last place where you would like to lose weight and vice versa. Catch my drift?

No matter where you want to lose fat first or last, fat loss is fat loss is fat loss is fat loss. So, I’ve developed the 3M’s; a system whereby you can look at fat loss in an entirely new and different way, a healthy way not only for your physical body but also for your meta physical mind.

The 3 M’s are MINDFULNESS, MEDITATION AND MOVEMENT. Mindfulness provides an AWARENESS necessary to cultivate CHANGE; Meditation creates a CONNECTION necessary for your desired change. And Movement is the twine that holds it all together – when you move, you are aware of your body; you are mindful of how you feel and you are deeply connected to all of the emotions these 3 M’s invoke.

Read on below to develop your unique 3 M system for sustainable, healthy, and enjoyable fat loss. Yes – you read that right! Fat loss can be enjoyable and doesn’t have to be the awful, restrictive, hard, torturing process we all think it should be!

☝️ Mindfulness: Diet and exercise are external behaviors. Start inside your Head and your heart ❤️ When you actively pay attention to the way your body feels, you’re more likely to do the things that are good for it-it’s as simple as that.

✌🏾 2. Meditation: Meditation is a great way to help you become aware of and connected to your thoughts and actions especially when it comes to eating behavior. Even 1-2 minutes of Meditation before eating can set the tone so you really enjoy the food, appreciate your meal and slow down your eating while realizing the signals of being satisfied. It makes eating a conscious behavior rather than an impulse and can ultimately stop overeating and binge eating.

This is why I always include a meditation component In my @vibe_365 client programs. 

Use the Free app called MINDFULNESS. I challenge you to start with their 3 minute guided meditation right before your next meal!

☝️ ✌🏾 Movement: No matter your goal or no goal, moving your body a little every day does wonders for your mood! Even if you start with 5 minutes of daily movement, that is reinforcing positive actions that morph into lifelong habits!

If you are a beginner, the frequency and duration of your cardio is more important than the intensity. Shoot for at least 30-60 min more days during the week than not. Do lots of walking. Break up your day into mini cardio sessions- walk in the AM before kids wake; do walking errands; take the family out for an evening walk after dinner. Little movement a lot of times during the day create habits for life! 

Stay tuned every Wednesday at 5:30pm HST for my IG live mini training. Each week, I’ll tackle a new question sent to me! Next week’s topic – Is there a Such Thing as TOO MUCH exercise? Exercise is good, so is too much good, bad? Mark your calendars!

Aloha, LAW

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