you are exactly where you are supposed to be

Every year I used to make weight loss New Years resolutions.

“This is the year!” I told myself.

I chose the hardest diet. I chose the longest exercise program.

And then around 7 days in, I found myself unmotivated and “off the rails.”

This new year, instead of tallying up your big to-dos, why not use this time to reflect on all of your experiences in 2022?

What or even whom have you outgrown?

What can you let go of that is holding you back?

How can you make space in your life for a whole new chapter?

All experienced – good or bad – are necessary transitions for growth.

Celebration and grief have encouraged me to take action only on things that now give me a sense of purpose.

As 2023 approaches, how do you want to spend your valuable time and energy?

What do you want to cultivate and create?

No matter what, keep the faith that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Happy Holidays!

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