every little bit counts

I always remind my tribe “Every Little Bit Counts, Darling!”

What does that mean?

As a Honolulu Personal Trainer both IRL and virtually, I work with women all over the world. And when working with them on their health and fitness lifestyles, I’ve found that many focus too hard and too long on the HUGE goal they have in their mind.

HUGE goals like…
*losing 30+ pounds
*getting their pre-baby body back
*fitting into the college size clothes

And time again, these BIG goal end up leaving their ladies overwhelmed, stressed out and frustrated. It’s so big and it seems so unreachable.

This is where I come in, to talk you off the ledge to help you manage your finite energy to focus on all of the LITTLE things you already do that are most certainly moving you closer to that BIG goal of yours!

Because if it’s NOT every little bit counts, then what is your alternative?
>to do nothing?
>to get burned out and throw in the towel?
>to give up the possibility of forming better habits?

You see, every little bit” puts you in the right mindset which is the very first step you need in order to make measurable change in your food and fitness.

These little steps create your pattern of healthy habits that pour into one another and soon you are doing the thing and feeling good about it. It’s on auto-pilot.
Remember this ladies, that at the end of the day, every small step—even if it’s minuscule—is one more inch forward of progress!

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