food n fit faq friday

Today, I answer the most common food and fitness questions I receive. Here ya go!

Q1: When should you schedule your cardio workout for maximum fat-burning impact?

There’s just not a whole lot of good evidence in support of “fasted cardio”, like running on an empty stomach. So schedule your cardio session when you’re most likely to want to crush it – the best workout plan is the one you’ll stick to, right? (Right.)

Q2: What’s the best way to lose fat?

It’s both diet and exercise and how you choose to sweat matters. Combining resistance training with dieting is the most effective and healthy way to revamp your body composition, helping you lose fat while maintaining muscle. For the best fat burn, pack your program with free weight, whole-body exercises.

Q3: Which of the following is best for reducing body fat if you’re strapped for time?

Studies have shown that while both high-intensity interval training and moderate steady-state training (such as jogging) can improve your body composition, you should see the same results in 40 per cent less time per week with the intervals.

Q4: Can drinking water before meals help you lose weight?

Yup, drinking water can weigh down your stomach, making you feel fuller so you eat less. Drinking two cups 30 minutes before each meal is a great way to feel full and eat less during your meal.

Q5: How long do you need to maintain your weight loss to make it easier to stay lean for life?

As you lose weight, your body senses the kilojoule deficit. It goes into starvation mode, slowing your metabolism and making it easier for you to pack back on the kilos you lost. But if you’re able to keep the weight off for a year, your body accepts the new normal, your levels of appetite-suppressing hormones increase, and the appetite-increasing ones fall back to your pre-weight-loss levels, a study from Denmark found. That makes it easier to maintain your slimmer physique.

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