LAW’s simple shredder workout #2 freebie

This is workout #2 of 5 in my ABSOLUTELY FREE Simple Shredder series. If you would like to receive all 5 WORKOUTS, email me here with SIMPLE SHREDDER SUBSCRIBE in the email subject!

This is a METCON (Metabolic Conditioning workout). Metcon is a popular term used to describe a workout involving repeated and/or sustained high-intensity exercises, usually involving weight lifting movements, with short rest periods in order to burn fat or create a “conditioning” effect.

The Benefits of Metcon Workouts Include:

  • Spending less time at the gym
  • Burning calories more effectively
  • Improving lean muscle mass
  • Improving metabolism

What is the difference between Metcon, HIIT and Circuit Training?

Circuit Training is another broad style of exercise, comprised of a group of movements done one after another. A Circuit makes a great Metcon workout, but not all Metcons are circuits.

HIIT sessions are based on intervals, with a set period of time “on” followed by time “off.” A HIIT workout can be a Metcon or Circuit.

Don’t miss my 5 TOTALLY FREE Simple Shredder workouts that you can do at the gym or at your home should you have the equipment. No more guessing! In and out in 30 minutes or less! And be sure to bring your gym towel with you – the downpour of sweat is R-E-A-L!

LAWs SIMPLE SHREDDER #2 5 rounds – 5 reps per exercise – Minimal Rest – Form First

Zercher Squat – Bulgarian Split Squat (do 5 reps per leg) – Barbell Chest Press – Chin Ups

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