out of control

I’m on a 2 week vacay. And I’m so happy. But, I wrestle with the unknown. Disruption of my every day routine is very unsettling for me. And it has NOTHING to do with having an Ostomy and needing to pack enough supplies with me to carry me through.

It has EVERYTHING to do with CONTROL or rather, the lack of control. On a trip, I will not have all the time in the world for my workouts. I will not have the ability to control how my food is cooked or cook my own food. I will not have my entire clothes closet to choose from should my mood shift.

Sure I know these are first world problems. However, these moods, my mental space, my body hang ups are real. Today, I’m far more tolerant. Through life (shit happens), and therapy; through getting older and wiser; through meeting wonderful supportive friends and putting myself out there, I’ve definitely improved.

Gone are the days of:

☹️starving myself…

😣of not eating any food in public…

😩of HAVING TO exercise before going out…

😭of tears for what my body was not…

Am I cured? No. Am I completely healthy? No. But I AM a WORK IN PROGRESS. And now I strive to move forward instead of seeking perfection. And I look forward to continued growth, continuous learning and improved compassion toward my own body.

THIS is my truth. And that’s why I feel 100% confident in my ability to help women experiencing the same.

Are your Unsure about where or how to begin?

Are you Tired of beating up the body you are in?

Do you feel Overwhelmed with all of the stuff that you want to do but can’t seem to fit in?

What if you had a friend by your side? One to help navigate your unique journey with gratitude, guidance, assertive accountability and gentle nudges?

I work with women struggling to find a balance; those who struggle to love their bodies. Women who feel guilty about devoting time and energy to work on themselves. I’m here for you. I give you permission to lean on me and be gentle with yourself. Sometimes we need someone else to tell us it’s ok 👍🏾. If this is you, I welcome you to by tribe @vibe_365 where every day is a day of self love ❤️ in all forms!

Happy Holidays! Please be kind and gentle with yourself during this season.

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