“life is movement. once you stop moving, you’re dead. choose life.” -Eugen Sandow


I meet with a client once a week for her scheduled fitness workout. Every week, we discuss all the ways she will move her body in a mindful but physical way, all on her own before we meet again. And each week, our conversation is the same; she can’t seem to prioritize her physical fitness on her own-without me-because as she says “work always gets in the way.”

I really pride myself on empowering my athletes with enough confidence and knowledge allowing them to be 100% in-charge of their wellness journey, without needing me. And so, I’ve been searching high and low as to how I can engage my client so she can continue to thrive and succeed-in a the most powerful resource she has-her body. After all, this lady is one kick ass professional doing all the good in the world and we need her around. We need to ensure her power house can withstand all of the stress that comes with being the voice for all of the people who don’t have one.

As I continue along her journey, (because this process is truly her journey and I am merely a supportive partner as we trek through), she has taught me how to dig deep and become a better wellness coach. She has forced me to continue to move in my field; to grow and she has reminded me time and again, that if we aren’t moving, we aren’t living. 

I see her moving along her career every day; putting up the good fight. And yet, I fixated on all of the “prescribed” exercise she wasn’t doing. Yet, here she was moving every day. It may have not been what I deemed as “moving,” but, she was indeed moving!

So I have to pivot, to shift my approach with her. And do I know that approach just yet? No, because it’s truly by trial and error. We have to try something and see what happens. Then we try some more. We both will continue to move together to see what path we will travel the longest upon.

So, what will I do? I will KEEP IT MOVING.

“Nothing happens until something moves” are the words of the greatest scientific mind of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein. … In other words, an idea, of and by itself, has no intrinsic value. It must be accompanied by action.
download-1.jpgOk, so what? Moving is living; but, whose to tell us what that movement should be?
Are you fixated that movement must be a one hour spin class or a 30-minute jog?
Are you set on the idea that moving must be structured and rigid act that leaves you huffing, puffing and sweaty all over?
Eugen Sandow is quoted as saying “Life is movement. Once you stop moving, you’re dead. Choose life.” 
I’m challenging myself with my preconceived notions of movement and I will work with her to determine what movements she is most excited about. And we are going to talk about all of the ways she is currently moving NOW – in her career, in her body, in her mindfulness – and you know, all that good stuff will count!
What I do know is this – the movement you will stick with is the one you find fun! And I am positive that sooner or later, my client and I will find a movement pattern that will be the most fun for her!
What movement activities do you find as fun?



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