transformation tuesday – is your metabolism slowing down with age?

Do you feel like your metabolism has slowed down with your age?

I’m here to tell ya that if it did, it’s not out of your control!

32 years old: just finished ANOTHER half Ironman race. You swim 1.2 miles then bike 56 miles then run 13.1 miles in 1 day 😀 Even my parents thought 💭 why on earth would I do that for fun? I did that yearly for like 8 or 9 years straight!

Well, I didn’t do it for fun. I did it for cardio, cuz, ya know cardio = weight loss right?

WRONG! Even back then my diet wasn’t super shitty. I rarely drank alcohol (don’t like the taste of it as I prefer desserts 😂) but I was always restricting and bingeing. Full transparency here – I also had severe ulcerative colitis and was on a lot of steroids for over a decade. Yet, my tenacity always pushed me through.

This month, I’ll be 46 years young and I can honestly say despite the external change, I have never felt more grounded and secure in my body and the methods that got me here. Because it was NOT an extreme diet. Or an excessive exercise program. Or a supplement line.

It was a great coach with a great team with a great method that starts with you doing the inside work first!

My two cents for what brought me here:

1. Bring FED UP with doing so much for so little in return. #overit

2. Knowing deep down that there was a way to eat and move that did not require suffering. I’m not being dramatic over here. I put my body through a lot of suffering for the sake of vanity. #atallcosts

3. Letting go of my fear so I could get out of my own way. Reaching out for support by finally admitting to myself that I couldn’t go at it alone. #accountability

We are stronger together. And sometimes all you need is a safe path with a wise and thoughtful guide leading the way.

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